Washing Guidelines

  1. Empty the used nappies and wipes (in a mesh bag) into the washing machine along with the wet bag.
  2. Set machine to do a cold prewash or rinse (varies depending on machine).
  3. Once prewash has completed, using the detergent packet to help you, measure a full dose of powdered detergent for your water hardness and load size (NO BLEACH).
    Set temperature to 40 degrees (see below for reasons to wash at 60) and choose an intensive wash cycle (the longer the better).
  4. If suds are present at the end of the wash, run an extra rinse, and reduce the detergent dose slightly next time.
    You want at least 3cm of suds during the main wash, and none during the rinse.

Always wash at 60 if:

  • Your baby is under 3 months of age.
  • Your baby has repeated or unusual nappy rash.
  • Your baby is ill.
  • You have more than one baby using the same nappies.