Strip Wash

Be assured that all nappies in our kits are washed and checked thoroughly between loans in order to fulfil the terms of our insurance, so you will not need to strip wash library nappies.

However, if buying nappies preloved, or if your wash routine isn’t up to scratch, you may wish to strip wash your personal nappies.

First ensure you have a clean washing machine (it is generally advised to clean your machine once a month; to do this, run an empty machine at 90, with no detergent, and clean the seals and drawer).

Then add your nappies to the machine and wash them at 60 with a FULL dose of detergent for your water hardness, load size, etc.

Finish with a wash at 60 with NO detergent to ensure it has all been removed.

If you keep having issues with smelly nappies, please do get in touch with us and we can provide more personalised advice.