Useful Links

UK Nappy Network

Worcestershire Nappy Library is part of a UK wide network of 140+ nappy libraries; if you are not local to Worcestershire, you can find your local nappy library here, as well as lots of other useful resources

UK Nappy Network

UK Cloth Nappy Libraries

UK Cloth Nappy Libraries Nappy Natter

Worcestershire Nappy Natter

This is a Facebook group for anyone who is interested in reusable nappies. Primarily aimed at local families (Worcestershire), we do welcome members from all over the UK

Worcestershire Nappy Natter

Buying and selling Preloved Nappies

There are lots of preloved selling groups for reusable nappies. Below are some of the best!

Cloth Bum Mums (CBM) Sales (UK)

Preloved Cloth nappies and accessories

Team Mills Blog

One of our volunteers has written useful blog posts on all aspects of reusable nappies on her blog site and Facebook page

Posts on Team Mills include:

Differences Explained – explanation of the different types of reusable nappies
Back to Basics – the minimum needed to use reusables nappies
Childcare & Cloth Nappies – how to get your childcare provider on board with reusable nappies
Cloth Bumming From Birth
Swim Nappies – how they work
Dispelling the most common myths of reusable nappies