Worcestershire Nappy Library started out in 2008 when Penny set up Malvern Nappy Advisory Service because the world of reusable nappies seemed so confusing. Penny started out by loaning to friends and local and gradually expanded to become Worcestershire NAS and then Worcestershire & Herefordshire NAS, covering two counties. In April 2019, WHNAS split into two separate nappy libraries, Worcestershire Nappy Library and Herefordshire Nappy Library

Our volunteers across the county loan out reusable nappy kits for free to Worcestershire residents. Our volunteers will meet with you, explain the kit to you, demonstrate how to fit reusable nappies, talk you through how to wash them correctly and then you take away a selection of reusable nappies to try. Our volunteers are also available to answer questions during your loan so you can have constant advice and support both during and afterwards

With approximately 50 kits distributed around the county, we can provide a reusable solution from birth through to toilet training. You can find out more about the different types of kits we loan here

If you are not based in Worcestershire, you can find your local nappy library here