Birth to Potty Kits

BTP kits are loaned out for six week and you will join a waiting list for this kit. This kit has a large variety of different types of nappies, suitable for both daytime and nighttime use, that are readily available to buy, with the aim being that through this kit you can decide which nappies work best for you and your family long-term over the course of the month

In order to borrow a BTP kit, we will need to know the weight of your baby (must be over 10lb to be added to a waiting list)

BTP Kit List

Pocket Nappies (good for daytime)

Alva-type pocket (BTP) with microfibre insert
Applecheeks pocket (SIZE 2) with trifold bamboo insert
Baba + Boo pocket (BTP) with two bamboo inserts
EcoPipo pocket (BTP) with trifold microfibre and bamboo insert
La Petite Ourse pocket (BTP) with two microfibre/bamboo inserts
Little Lamb sized pocket (SIZE 1) with trifold bamboo insert
Little Lamb sized pocket (SIZE 2) with trifold bamboo insert
Petite Crown Packa pocket (BTP) with hemp/cotton insert
Seedling Baby multi-fit pocket (BTP) with bamboo prefold insert
TJs charcoal fleece lined pocket (BTP with microfibre insert

All-in-one nappies (good for daytime)

Bambooty all-in-one (EASY ONE SIZE)
Bear Bott bamboo all-in-one (BTP)
Blueberry Simplex all-in-one (BTP)
Brainy Bums AIO (BTP)
BumGenius Elemental organic all-in-one (BTP)
HippyNut all-in-one (BTP)
Little Love Bum all-in-one (BTP)
MioSolo all-in-one (BTP)
Smart Bottoms 3.1 all-in-one (BTP)
TotsBots EasyFit STAR all-in-one (BTP)

Fitted nappies & wraps (good for night time/car journeys/babywearing)

EcoPipo fitted nappy (BTP) with long bamboo insert
EcoPipo wrap (BTP)
Little Lamb bamboo fitted nappy (SIZE 2)
Little Lamb wrap (SIZE 2)
TotsBots Bamboozle fitted nappy (SIZE 2)
TJs wrap (BTP)

Inserts, Boosters & Liners

5x Little Lamb bamboo inserts / boosters
2x Charcoal inserts / boosters
3x Hemp inserts / boosters
1x Cotton prefold
1x Hemp trifold
20x Little Lamb fleece liners

Other Accessories

20x Reusable Cheeky wipes
Cheeky Wipes Fresh Box
Mesh bag (washing reusable wipes so they don’t get lost)
Small wetbag (storage of reusable wipes when out and about)
Medium wetbag (storage of used nappies when out and about)
Large wetbag (storage of used nappies at home)
Nappy pod (storage of clean nappies, and anything else, when out and about)